Getting divorced is a highly personal, emotionally charged, and complex experience. Knowing what to expect can help ease the stress and create a sense of security at a time when you may be uncertain about your future.

NBDH LAW will develop targeted legal strategies that are appropriate to the circumstances of your marital dissolution. We give a personalized experience because we know that there is not a one-size fits all approach to a divorce. We advise, resolve, negotiate, and litigate as appropriate based on the particular issues you face and the objectives you seek.

To many of our client, this is the first time they have ever needed to retain an attorney. We know that this is a scary and confusing time in your life. We want you to feel like you have an ally on your side in this difficult transition. This is why we will walk you through the procedures for initiating a divorce or pursuing a formal legal separation. We will explain all steps in the divorce process so that you can prepare yourself and make informed decisions at each stage.

We handle your personal and financial matters with the foresight and attention to detail necessary to ensure that your unique circumstances are given proper consideration, that your marital and parental rights are protected, and that your marital estate is justly divided. We will conduct discovery in accordance with the needs of your matter and we will address the complex financial issues that arise out of the division of businesses, pensions and retirement plans, stock portfolios, stock options, and real estate.

It helps to have counsel to advise and assist you as you navigate the filing, discovery, negotiation, and litigation stages of a dissolution. NBDH LAW will ensure that your dissolution — whether contested, uncontested, or default — conforms to the statutory procedure requirements and accords with the rights and obligations imposed by the state of California.